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    Novel Cancer Drug of CR Double-Crane Released and the Signing Ceremony between Haikou National Hi-tech Zone and CR Double-Crane Convened

    Press time:2021-11-12From:CR Pharma [ Font:BigMediumSmall]

    At 9: 00 on November 11, 2021, a novel cancer drug was released by CR Double-Crane, and the signing ceremony between the company and Haikou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone was held in the office building of Haikou Municipal Government. Both sides signed the Cooperation Agreement between Haikou National High-tech Zone Administration and CR Double-Crane on the spot. JU Lei, Vice Mayor of Haikou, PENG Hao, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Government, HAN Yuewei, Deputy General Manager of China Resources Group, FENG Yi, Chairman of CR Double-Crane, LIU Ziqin, Vice President and General Manager of Innovation Division of CR Double-Crane, and officials in charge of relevant departments and bureaus of Hainan Province attended the signing ceremony. Deputy Secretary-General PENG Hao was the moderator of the event. 

    Vice Mayor JU Lei highly acknowledged the responsible behaviors of CR Double-Crane as a leading enterprise in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, and sincerely thanked the company for concretely contributing to the innovation, development and construction of Haikou’s pharmaceutical industry. JU said that Haikou Municipal Government will actively coordinate with relevant departments of the province and municipalities and show full support for the business development of CR Double-Crane in Hainan, actively creating a favorable business and government environment. 

    Deputy General Manager HAN Yuewei emphasized that China Resources Group, as a key state-owned enterprise, has been attaching great importance to all-round cooperation with Hainan Province. The signing ceremony was an important measure for China Resources Group to firmly implement the strategic cooperation agreement with Hainan Provincial Government in the field of medicine and health. As the next step, China Resources Group would speed up developing its strategic business layout in Hainan, seize opportunities and build on the momentum, making greater contributions to the construction and high-quality development of Hainan Free Trade Port in the new era, and embarking on a new chapter of cooperation between Hainan Free Trade Port and China Resources Group. 

    FENG Yi pointed out that under the leadership of China Resources Group, CR Double-Crane, as a central state-owned enterprise with CPC genes and glorious history, would further accelerate innovation and transformation, live up to the Hainan Provincial Government’s strategic requirements of deepening reform and encouraging scientific and technological innovation, and open up a new chapter of close cooperation between CR Double-Crane and Hainan in the future. Professor LI Chenjian, Director of Novita (US) and a professor at School of Life Sciences, Peking University, recorded a speech video for the ceremony. He pointed out that by signing the agreement, Novita, CR Double-Crane and Hainan Province realized win-win cooperation. He hoped that the three parties would work together closely in the future for borderless cooperation in the medicine realm and relieve the pain of patients all over the world from cancer. 

    The signing of the agreement provides a guarantee for CR Double-Crane to commercialize the novel cancer drug in Hainan after obtaining exclusive license from Novita (US). The agreement will drive the innovation and transformation of CR Double-Crane and help it grow into a leading technology enterprise in Hainan Free Trade Port. At the same time, the cooperation will help Hainan to develop a new open economic system and pattern. 



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